"E nefiresc de tarziu in mine si in lucruri... Sa ma intorc unde copil asteptam tocmai anii de acum? Hai sa fugim! Imi curg amintiri pe ochi si pe tample, si simt cum incepe un nou inceput..."

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Gazette (ガゼット), is a J-Rock band of the Visual-Kei variety. The band was formed in early 2002 and is currently signed to PS Company, the label responsible for artists such as 雅-miyavi- and Kagrra,. The band changed their name to the GazettE when they released their 2nd full album, NIL, in February of 2006.

the GazettE was founded on March 10th 2002 by guitarist Uruha, bassist Reita (both formerly of Karasu, Ma'die Kussė, L'ie:Chris, and Kar+te=zyAnose), vocalist Ruki (formerly of Mikoto, Ma'die Kussė, L'ie:Chris, and Kar+te=zyAnose), guitarist Aoi (former Mervilles and Artia guitarist), and former drummer Yune (formerly of La'DeathtopiA, Mervilles, Artia, and Vall'na racill), and current drummer, Kai.

It has now been confirmed that Kai is, indeed, the bandleader.

In April 2002 they released their first single Wakaremichi, and two videotapes, released again two months later in a second press. During August and September, they released two singles and a VHS. At the time, they were signed to the record label Matina. They gave their first one-man in the October 2002. In early 2003, Yune decided to leave the band. Kai, the former drummer of Mareydi†Creia, replaced him. In March 2003 they joined the PS Company label.

In May they released their first mini-album, Cockayne Soup, as well as starting their first tour, together with Hanamuke. Apart from their tour collaboration, the band also made two songs with Hanamuke. They managed the second tour together with Vidoll. The music magazine Cure published an edition with Vidoll and Gazette together on the cover picture.

In early December they played a Two-Man-Show beside deadman. December 28 they performed on the Beauti-fool's Fest '03. The event, organized by the music magazine Fool's Mate, included Kra, lab., Gullet, Pink Halleluja, Gazette, deadman, -miyavi-, D'espairsRay, DAIGO STARDUST, Merry and MUCC in their line-up. On January 16, 2004 they produced their first One-Man-Show, recorded and afterwards released as the Tokyo Saipan JUDGMENT DAY 2004.1.16 SHIBUYA-AX LIVE DVD. The day of the DVD release (28.04.2004) created a foundation for the official Gazette fanclub. March 30, 2004 they released the MADARA, reaching to #2 on the Oricon Indie Charts. On August 25 they released the Heiseibanka concert DVD, previously recorded on the April 23.

In May they released their first MADARA, which contained the 6 PVs including the Making ofs..... of the MADARA mini-album. During September and October they set another tour together with fellow PS Company bands Kra and bis (bis later left PS Company in 2005 and joined FREE-WILL).

On October 13, 2004 they released their first full-length album Disorder, listed in the top 5 of the Oricon Daily Charts.

In early August of 2005, Gazette released the GAMA mini-album. The maxi-single Cassis was released later in the year.

Their second full album, NIL, was released on February 8, 2006, and included a special first-press edition and a regular-press edition. the GazettE's latest standing tour, Standing Live Tour 2006 [Nameless Liberty. Six Guns...] Tour Final, started in February of 2006.

the GazettE performed their first 2 live concerts out of Asia between July 28-30, 2006. Performing to around 800 people, the concerts were arranged in conjunction with German Anime & Manga Convention, AnimagiC, and took place at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, Germany.

the GazettE's Decomposition Beauty Tour ran from November 28th to December 24th, 2006. The tour began in Sapporo, Japan and ended in Osaka, Japan. They have also released three new singles, REGRET, Filth in the beauty and Hyena.

Their third full-length, Stacked Rubbish, was released on July 4th, to be followed by a promotional tour from July 15th to September 9th. A song from Stacked Rubbish and Hyena, Chizuru, is to be included on the soundtrack for the film Apartment.

* Real name: Matsumoto Takanori (松本 孝則)
* Blood Type: B
* Birth Date: February 1, 1982
* Piercings: 5 on the right ear
* Height: 162 cm
* Foot size: 25.5 cm
* Ring size: Middle finger - 17
* Place of birth: Kanagawa Prefecture (Kantou, southern Japan)
* Family: Parents, older brother
* Cologne: Bvlgari
* Favorite Color: Gold, purple, red, black, silver
* Favorite Drink: Child Iwai Apple
* Disliked Food: Green pepper, beans
* Hobby: Rental, Shopping
* Favorite Brand: Pink Dragon, THE GAMBLER$, ANTICLASS, bounty hunter, CREAMSODA, RUDE GALLERY, Harugin
* My Boom: Skateboarding
* Collection: Harugin
* Liked Type: A self-aware person, a wonderful person
* Disliked Type: An impure girl, a stupid person
* Wish to girls: Don't lose sight of yourself
* Strong Point: Genuine Side
* Weak Point: Genuine Side
* Charming Point: Temple
* Favorite Animal: Dog (chihuahua), Cat
* Musical Influence: LUNA SEA
* First Copied Song: Sex Pistols - Bodies
* Message: "Let's start from the bottom."
* Previous Bands: Mikoto, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose

Real name: Takashima Kouyou (高島 宏陽)
* Birthday: June 9th, 1981
* Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 177cm (69.7 in)
* Weight: 61.8kg (136 lbs)
* Shoe size: 27.5
* Ring size: 19
* Colors: purple, grey
* Hobbies: billiard, pachinko, bowling, soccer
* Equipment: guitars - ESP customs and currently has 2 signature models("POTBELLY" and U-01"HELLION".), Alvarez-Yairi custom acoustic guitar. amp - Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Fender Twin Reverb. effects - tg electronics G-system, Digitech Whammy.
* Favorite Dorama: Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru
* Favorite Food: Mentai Korokke Bento
* Disliked Food: Blue cheese
* Favorite Drinks: Smirnoff, MOET & CHANDON
* Brand: PPFM, Docomo, alfredoBANNISTER
* Perfume: Gucci Rushes, Bvlgari
* Piercings: four on the right ear, five on the left ear
* Collection: rings, perfume, liqour
* Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol Light, Maremen Light, PIANISSIMO one (NOTE: As of June 2, 2007, he has attempted to stop smoking. With Kai's help, he's been chewing Nicorette to fight the cravings.)
* Family: Parents, two older sisters
* Musical Influence: LUNA SEA
* Admired Musician: SUGIZO
* Liked Type: Gentle, grown-up persons
* Animals: dog, polar bear, penguin, domestic duck
* Previous Bands: Karasu, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose

* Real name: Shiroyama Yuu (城山 優)
* Birthday: January 20th, 1979
* Birthplace: Mie, Japan
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 171cm (5' 7")
* Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)
* Colors: white, black
* Hobbies: Composing, Guitar solos, Smoking, Marumen
* Favorite Food: food made with a lot of love
* Disliked Food: none
* Favorite Drinks: Asahi Super Dry Coffee
* Brand: Bvlgari, Vivienne Westwood, DOLCE & GABANNA, Armani, Peacemaker, Frontier Doll
* Cologne: Bvlgari, Davidoff
* Collection: sunglasses, perfume, accessories, shirt
* Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol
* First Copied Song: X - Kurenai
* Family: Parents, older brother, older sister
* Liked Type: good at cooking and gentle
* Disliked Type: A person who gets angry easily
* Animals: dog, cat
* Previous Bands: Mervilles, Artia

* Real Name: Suzuki Akira (鈴木 亮)
* Birthday: 27.05.1981
* Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 172cm (5'7")
* Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
* Colors: Purple, white, black
* Hobbies: Watching movies (like Face Off)
* Favorite Dorama: Tokyo Love Story
* Favorite Manga: Initial D
* Favorite movie: Face Off
* Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Kit-Kat
* Favorite Drinks: Lifeguard
* Disliked food: Vegetables, sweet stuff (except for pudding and cake), Kai's cooking
* Collection: Anything related to Sex Pistols
* Cigarette: Mild Seven Lights
* Musical Influence: LUNA SEA
* Respected Person: Hatakeyama Takanori (Japanese boxer)
* First Copied Song: LUNA SEA - PRECIOUS...
* Charming Point: Ass
* Family: Mother, grandmother, older sister
* Liked Type: Feminine and mature person (Like Noriko Sakai)
* Disliked Type: A vulgar person
* Animals: Parakeet
* Animal Comparison: Cheetah
* Previous Bands: Karasu, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose

* Real Name: Uke Yutaka (受 毛豊)
* Blood Type: B
* Birth date: 28 October, 1981
* Hobby: Soccer, Cooking, Collecting Zippos
* Piercing count: 2 (left ear)
* Foot size: 25 ~ 27
* Ring size: 19 ~ 21
* Height: 172 cm
* Tobacco: Marlboro Red
* Cologne: Jaguar, Sculpture, Bvlgari for men
* Pajamas: Doesnt wear anything
* Disliked food: Potato, Eggplant
* Favourite drink: "Not ringo juice (laugh) - apple juice"
* Favourite brand: custom culture, Just in Davis, TENDERLOIN, Starring gear*
* My boom: custom culture
* Place of birth: "New Jersey would be nice!" He's actually born in Tokushima
* Collection: Zippo, clothes from custom culture
* Liked type: A motherly person who will welcome me with "welcome home!" when I return home.
* Disliked type: A girl who hides her character
* Strong point: "Can be bullied" (When he is bullied, it makes him happy, because others are happy, in a way.)
* Weak point: Forgetfull (He constantly loses important items. ex. cell phone, wallet)
* Musical Influence: LUNA SEA
* First Copied Song: LUNA SEA - Jesus
* Charming point: Can be interesting in anything
* Favourite colour: Black, Red, White, Green, Silver, Gold
* Favourite animal: Dog, Tiger, Alligator
* Previous bands: Mareydi†Creia


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