"E nefiresc de tarziu in mine si in lucruri... Sa ma intorc unde copil asteptam tocmai anii de acum? Hai sa fugim! Imi curg amintiri pe ochi si pe tample, si simt cum incepe un nou inceput..."

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Action movies are a film genre where action sequences, such as fights, shootouts, stunts, car chases or explosions either take precedence or, in finer examples of the genre, are used as a form of exposition and character development. The action typically involves individual efforts on the part of the hero. The genre is closely linked with the thriller and adventure film genres.

While the non-stop motion and fast pacing of action films makes these escapist "popcorn films" a reliable source revenue for movie studios, relatively few action films garner critical praise. Action films tend to be formulaic works based around clichéd stock characters and well-worn plots. While action films have traditionally been aimed at male audiences, from the early teens to the mid-30s, action filmmakers from the 1990s and 2000s added female heroines, romance subplots, and more substantial storylines to broaden the appeal of action films.
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Definitie "Film Actiune"
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